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Frequently Asked Questions

We are planning to take a holiday, how will this affect our OSHC booking? We understand that our families require holidays during the year. As we have to take our staffing and rosters into consideration and to ensure your enrolment is secure on your return from holidays we do require payment for days not used. Should you intend to take long term holidays you may choose to resign from the enrolment and re enrol on your return, however we cannot guarantee space to re enrol on your return.

Our child is sick do we have to pay today? As we have to take our staffing and rosters into consideration, we do require payment for sick days. If however your child’s illness is long term and care is no longer required, two weeks resignation is necessary.

How do I change days? Bookings can be exchanged by following our standard cancellation procedure. 2 weeks’ notice must be given to avoid additional costs. Please complete a booking cancellation form available from our website and email to

We can’t afford the bond at the moment; can we pay it at a later date? All families are required to pay the $100 bond prior to attending our program.

I’m behind in my fees? Should you miss a payment you will be charged a $5.50 late fee (each week), a courtesy call will be made requesting payment. Those who tend to be consistently late with fees payment will be asked to switch to Ezi Debit. Where fees are not paid and account holders have failed to comply with the previous recommendations, those children will not be collected from school and parents will be advised and are not allowed to make use of the service until account is back in credit.

We are entitled to JET, but haven’t got the confirmation letter yet? JET will only be recognised in our system once we receive confirmation from Centre link. Until then normal fees will apply and be paid in advance.

I haven’t got a CRN number yet? You are required to pay full fees, 1 week in advance until you provide us with your CRN number.

Do I need to inform you when somebody new is collecting the children? Yes!!! It’s important you inform us, photo ID is required and staff will check this to ensure your child’s safety.

Will you walk my child to their classroom? We are happy to walk Prep students to their classroom on their first day of attendance only to show them where to go. We collect all the prep children from their classrooms in the afternoon to meet at the bus.

Cancelling a pickup Due to rostering requirements, credits will be granted where 2 weeks’ notice is given. Should your child not require pick up, please complete a booking cancellation form and email to  24hours notice is appreciated. Should your child not require pick up on any given day they are enrolled, Gullivers office require a phone call no later than 1pm to take your child off the bus list for the day for not attending. Failing to inform Gullivers your child will not be attending the day will incur a $5.50 fee which will be charged to your account.



Where are the pickup locations?

Pimpama State Primary: Under the admin building while construction works are in progress.

Pimpama Primary College: Outside the Administration building under cover.

Pimpama Secondary College: - Next to the gated bus pick up zone

Coomera Springs: -  Cement seating between Admin & Library

Highland Reserve: – Kiss and Go Area

Upper Coomera State College: – Driveway behind the performing arts building

Coomera Rivers: – Through the staff car park, just inside the gate by the bike racks.


Things you should know

  •  If your child displays illness or head lice you will be called and required to collect them.
  • Children who require an action plan must supply with necessary paperwork and medication in order to participate in the program.
  • Please update any relevant information regarding your child or contact details.
  • Our OSHC operating hours are 6am-8am and 3pm-6:30pm. Late pickup fees apply
  • Swimming cap, towel and goggles are required for swimming lesson
  • Breakfast is provided at an additional cost, menu is available on our website
  • Please inform us if your child MUST swim during the afternoon
  • Homework time can be given if requested
  • All parents/guardians must sign out and pick up their “child collection ticket” from reception
  • All casual bookings must be paid at the time of booking
  • Fees must be paid 1 week in advance