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Our Swimming Levels


From 6months old babies enter our beginners class where focus is on breath control, submersions, kick for propulsion and basic survival skills.  To graduate from this level, Gullivers babies swim up to one metre unaided.


The second level of baby swimming focuses on developing a babies swimming ability promoting kicking. Babies swim up to six metres unaided as well as master picking toys up from the pool floor & further developing their water safety skills.


This level masters ‘pop up’ breathing using a ‘dog paddle’ technique to allow babies to swim up to 25metres. It certainly is an exciting time for proud parents to see their little ones on the way to being so much SAFER in water! Every child needs the skills this level teaches!


The beginner level for those who are not very confident or competent. This level masters water familiarisation, breath control, submersions, floating and kicking.


Floating, streamlining, big arms and back float are the focus which contribute to developing basic swimming skills


Breathing and kicking drills are taught in this level with basic survival skills and the art of breathing emphasised through a full front to back rolling movement. Basic backstroke is introduced here too.


In Level 4, the survival breathing roll is reduced to a half roll and now incorporates the arm strokes promoting real Freestyle. Advanced backstroke too is taught.


Focus in Level 5 is on building students to the competency where 100m of bilateral breathing and Advanced Backstroke is achieved. 25m Butterfly, dives and tumble turns are achieved here too.


The final level of Stroke Correction, Level 6 teaches all four competitive swimming strokes-high elbow Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke. Tumble turns and dives are mastered as pupils aim to cover distances up to 200m of each stroke.


Ahead of completing a ‘Squad Assessment Test,’ pupils will go to go into this level where emphasis is on maintaining technique, learning to ‘train’ using the time clock, swimming in flippers and mastering the necessary dives and turns appropriate to the four individual strokes.  This level is to polish the swimmers to ensure that they have all the skills necessary to be as good as they can be once they begin to swim with the squad.