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Chasing Charlie’s Cure Fun Raiser

Please join us on Sat July 1 as we host Chasing Charlie’s Cure ‘FUN-RAISER’.

Everyone is welcome & all proceeds going directly to Chasing Charlie’s Cure!

SWIM-A-THON registration NOW OPEN!

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The science behind DISTANCE SWIM

Why do we have Distance Swim Week

GULLIVERS Distance swim forms an integral part in our successful swimming program. Pupils endurance and skill aquisition is tested during this swim. This gives teachers an opportunity to accurately assess and evaluate lesson focus and  direction so pupils are given maximum opportunity to improve on neccesary skills required.   

At GULLIVERS COOMERA we aim to build strong foundations by providing all the facilities and opportunities for children from as young as two years old to develop a love and understanding of health and fitness. DISTANCE SWIM week, as well as a perfect testing opportunity for teachers, teaches children to never give up and to always try to achieve their personal best.

Read on for the benefits are non-stop exercise for our children-

ROYAL LIFESAVING request to keep children in Swim Lessons in Winter!

Parents and carers must not opt out of swimming lessons for their children as the weather gets cooler,

Swim and Survive - Winter - Cate Campbell, Uncle Tobys Ambassador


Parents and carers are being warned by Royal Life Saving not to opt out of swimming lessons for their children during Autumn and Winter as the weather gets cooler.

Winter is in fact the best time of year to participate. Children are more likely to improve skills and endurance by building on skills already learnt and may progress quickly to the next stage. Swimming as regular exercises strengthens the immune system so children may be less likely to fall ill over the colder months. Having breaks over winter often results in children’s skills experiencing a plateau or even going backwards.

Royal Life Saving CEO Justin Scarr points out figures show drowning deaths happen all year round, including Autumn and Winter.  Justin Scarr says it is a common misconception that drowning deaths only occur in Summer.

Figures show in the 10 year period from 2002/03 to 2011/12, 44 children aged 5 to 14 drowned during Autumn and Winter, accounting for 31% of the total drowning deaths in this age group.

UNCLE TOBYS Ambassador and Olympic Gold Medallist Cate Campbell is a strong believer in swimming all year round.  Cate won Gold at the 2012 London Olympics and two Bronze at the Beijing Olympics.

Cate Campbell said, “When I was learning to swim, I practiced throughout the year.  I believe that my continuous participation built strong foundation skills and it is the reason I have been successful as a competitive swimmer.”

As Cate is gearing up over winter for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, she understands why some people think it’s too cold to swim. “Sometimes you have to really motivate yourself to get into the water, but once you are in and swimming, you really enjoy it.”

Royal Life Saving and UNCLE TOBYS have been working together since 2009. The partnership raises awareness of the importance of swimming and water safety education with parents and carers by encouraging children to learn to “Swim and Survive”.

Justin Scarr added, “Swim and Survive lessons are a great way for children to stay active and healthy during Winter.  More importantly they provide children with vital life skills in water safety, personal survival and basic rescue.”

“We are very proud of our “Swim and Survive” Partners across Australia.  They work tirelessly to teach young children valuable swimming and lifesaving skills and work together with us to promote water safety. Over 15 million Australian children have participated in the “Swim and Survive” program”.

“Australia’s learn to swim and aquatic industry is impressive in its dedication to helping children learn to swim,” Justin Scarr said.

To help parents and carers search for a Swim and Survive Swim School an easy to use Locator is available at In just a few mouse clicks, the Locator will indicate where local programs are, that can help children learn valuable swimming and lifesaving skills.

Media enquiries to: Ross Woodward on 03 9769 6488 or Kristal Grainger on 0416 250 292



Gullivers will be closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the Easter holiday break. All missed lessons will be put down as FREE public holiday make up lessons that can be used at any time.
The Gullivers Team wish you all a Happy Easter and we will see you back on Tuesday for all lessons as normal.

Remember to enrol in April for the term and receive 2 FREE LESSONS.

Gullivers Management.

Performing Arts Academy

Please see Performing arts class schedule and Newsletter below.

2015 Performing Arts Brochure

Term 4 Newsletter

Term 1 will start on Jan 5 2015. All evening classes will now run all year round. Some of our classes are now at capacity and we are opening new classes. Book in now to secure your classes for the new term.

Gullivers End of Year Concert 2014 was a great success. We sure have some talented little people and very supportive parents. We had such a great time. All Dancers and Gymnasts did very well. Thank you for all your support from parents and helpers.

Let’s see some pictures: