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Gullivers Little People

In way back story book time Gulliver was a hero to all those the little people in the land of Lilliput. In the land of the Gold Coast Gulliver is a swimming teacher, a coach and hero to the thousands and thousands of young parents who have brought their little people to Gullivers to learn to swim. At Gullivers though they did not just learn to swim but learned to swim better and further at a younger age than just about anywhere else in the world…or so the story goes.

Evidence of this has been seen on numerous occasions. Images of Gullivers little people performing incredible and amazing feats of swimming at a very young age has often featured on TV, both here and overseas, and has been splashed across the pages of  national magazines.

Terry Gulliver started teaching swimming at the age of 14 and fifty-six years later is still just as passionately involved,  still personally overseeing the day to day operations of today’s generation of “Gullivers Little People” at Gullivers Coomera. He is head coach of the strong four tier squad training program which continues to put out the champions year after year. All are products of the Gullivers Little people program where many started as babies. Some of our pupils are now in their second generation. Their parents had their instruction in earlier Gulliver Swim Academies at Southport and Benowa through the seventies and eighties.

GULLIVERS COOMERA….. Not just a learn to swim centre.

The family owned Gullivers Coomera has evolved into far more than just a swim centre extraordinaire. The Centre caters for all manner of activities and not just for little people either. For the past dozen years it has become a real hub of community activity. The culmination of a lifelong dream , Gullivers Coomera has two heated pools, a gym, coffee shop  and  a double story multi-function building  and outdoor areas catering for dance, gymnastic and  a unique sports active school  age care program . Gullivers Coomera was the pilot program for the Federal Governments now nationwide Active After School Program.


Having just the one Centre means we can focus all or attention, our expertise, and our lifetime of experience on just the one outlet.  It’s no wonder we get better results.

Terry Gulliver